Small LNG Shipping & Distribution Forum 2014, 17- 19 September 2014, Bali, Indonesia

LNG supply and infrastructure developments are critical in ensuring the rapid and much needed LNG distribution and integration in Indonesia. The recently operational Lampung FSRU is another serious step taken by stakeholders to ensure LNG infrastructure will continue to be developed. 

A niche targeted and sustainable LNG shipping market - notably Small Scale Shipping - has opened up significantly with the availability of LNG Supply and LNG infrastructures. 

Small LNG ships will increrasingly provide vital functions in terms of regional integration, transportation into remote areas and inter-island crossings.



2nd LNG Supply, Transport & Storage Philippines, The Peninsula, Manila, Philippines, 14-16 October 2014 

For the Philippines - which is currently one of Asia's fastest-growing economy- , importing LNG is only a question of when and how and no longer if. 

To prepare for the energy future of the Philippines - especially with the inevitable decline of Malampaya - , this forum will continue to lay the groundwork for the establishment of a natural gas master-plan incorporating the entire value chain which is anticipated to be announced end 2014. 

Taking the theme, "Continuous Push to Utilize Natural Gas and LNG by Fast Tracking LNG Supply Imports and Infrastrucutre Development", the timely 2nd LNG Supply, Transport & Storage Philippines 2014 will continue to addresses inssues with LNG imports and infrastructure developments that will definitely by taking place in the Philippines and the region


L-NGV Asia Forum 2014, 20-22 October 2014, Chongqing, China 


LNG Outlook in South East Asia

As Southeast Asian countries begin relying on LNG to play a larger role in their energy sources, the race is on and the rest of the world watches in wonder in anticipation of the results


Millions in Investments Chasing Billions in Return : Not Financing on Wall Street, but Biogas in Asia

Malaysian palm oil mills have put together another RM 500 million this year to a total of RM 2 Billion to be invested into biogas projects, The application period has been extended for another three years, till 31 December 2015. 


Could LNG Be the NGV Fuel of the Future ? 

Current infrastructure and technologies favour the use of CNG as the default mechanism for powering NGVs around the world. However, recently there is an emergency of LNG fuelled vehicles, especiall in long haul applications where the increased capacity and range in using LNG makes up for the increased comlexity and costs